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[RAW] Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 42

It's been a long road, but at last it's time to say goodbye to one of my favorite series of all time! This series debuted around the time I started learning Japanese, but luckily by the time I came across it I already knew enough to read it (with quite a bit of difficulty at first, I'll admit!) This manga also started my obsession with age gap romances.

Personally, I felt a real sense of incongruity in this last chapter. Although the author clearly did her best to tie all of Shinichi and Haruka's past experiences together and make the ending the logical conclusion to the series, I felt that the way the story ended was kind of contradictory to the end of the previous chapter, in which Shinichi once again rejected Haruka and she accepted it matter of factly, stating that their relationship would always be the same, unchanging. I do follow what the author was getting at (that Haruka loves Shinichi and always has and always will, so she'll wait as long as it takes) but I just wish there was more detail about how and when they finally got together. All in all, though, the ending could have been much worse! Please tell me what you thought in the comments!

Tomorrow I'm teaching the numbers 20-100 to 6th graders who are too cool for school. At least I can play with the 5th graders at recess and after school. The 5th grade boys have joined together to form an "Icarusbride-sensei Fan Club." Official club activities include trying to climb Icarusbride-sensei like a jungle gym, and asking Icarusbride-sensei how to say dirty words in English.

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  1. Thanks so much,Ica!! The kids you're teaching sound SO cute!!!

    I didn't like this KKH chapter at all---it didn't feel like it meshed well with the rest of the story. I think the author was pressured to finish it fast. Why? I don't know, the pace of the story was beautiful until a few chapters ago. It used to be one of my favorites, but now I don't know how I feel about it anymore.

  2. I have to agree with the last comment. This last chapter felt rushed and like it didn't bend well with the rest of the story (I wasn't a fan of that one chapter where Shinichi barged in, delivered a speech to Haruka's mom, and everything was "fine" after that, either. It felt like a rather cheap, rushed way to solve conflict). After Haruka's "our relationship will remain the same" bit from last chapter, I expected there to be some kind of rebuilding where Shinichi eventually came to terms with being in romantic love with Haruka, and she became old enough for smoochies. How bad is it that I wanted to see some sexual tension? I mean, Haruka being at that age... Kisses getting out of hand and Shinichi running off... I wanted all of that. /sigh. He couldn't resist kissing her at 13, but he was a saint during her late teens?

    Perhaps the author wanted to keep that element out of the manga, seeing as they met when Haruka was still a little girl.

    All in all, I would have liked to see more scenes between the two of them. All too often I found myself annoyed when all the gang showed up (don't they have somewhere else to be, ever?!)-- I wanted to see them develop without the poking and prodding of their friends.

    Like Aamna said, the pace of the story was great at first. The consequences of their relationship, people being suspicious of Shinichi, Shinichi telling himself over and over to get a grip-- and a realistic reason why he'd feel compelled to help her, and why Haruka would be drawn to him in the first place.

    This was also one of my favorite mangas. I'm shocked it ended like this :/

  3. Ok so.... This is probably stated up above, but i'm still confused.

    Is this chapter a flashback and time skip to where Shinichi and Haruka get married and have a kid?

    Wow I'm really disappointed this was the last chapter. I really liked this manga and they rushed the ending ten-fold.

    Oh well, I'm happy that Haruka and Shinichi did end up getting together though in the end. (Even though I would have loved to see them kiss a hundred times more, and like Lisa said above, some more sexual tension)

    They did end up together... Right? That's not Haruka and Maa-kun's kid correct? Sorry if I sound stupid. Haha.

    1. No you're exactly right! It's Haruka and Shinichi's kid. Maa-kun and Utako are together in the end and everyone is teasing Maa-kun by telling him that if he doesn't hurry up and propose to Utako she's going to get tired of waiting and run off on him! lol

    2. Omg Omg at first i realy thought that it might be not Shinishi`s kid.))) and when i saw your `No` firstm my heart skip a beat))) haha. well, im upset too....but want to wait for translation first or at least summary in details....but like everybody here, i expected at this chapter some hot stuff.... mwah~

  4. I was disappointed with Chapter 41 - and I was prepared for an even bigger disappointed in the final Chapter. I've said it before but the last few chapters it felt like the author got tired of this story or was forced to bring it to a close. There were SO many plots and subplot that had yet to be explored - which the author introduced earlier in the story (apparently for no reason). As a reader that's been following this for a long time I feel cheated. Maybe my expectations were to high.

    What about Shinichi's book? What about the movie being made of Shinichi's book? Shinichi's older "sister" that he loaned money too? Haruka's parents? Oogaki's family? etc etc etc etc

    To me this will be a manga that wasted all its potential to be a really great and endearing love story. This manga will instead be remembered for its poor ending the same way Usagi Drop was.

    I loved this story... but I will hate it now for its ending.

    1. ....i wanted to see her in a wedding dress....with him in a suit and look hot and handsome. or she just got pregnant and so?))) i dont think so., but no rings and other things...looks like the author just had enough of this sad

  5. Are you sure he really rejected her? :/ (i can't understand anything from those pages, but it look like he didnt really) I mean he has the same shocked face as he had when he kissed Haruka the first time ^^ and look at their ages... Their daughter is about 10 years old... hm, but the cat should be about 20 years old, so something is really messed up with the ages. :/
    Any hell yeah, this ending is really rushed. :( But it could be worse...

    1. lets be positive...its another cat or a baby of that cat)))) but this four eyes dude and his friend - same young))) haha. and if im not mistaken, this small girl called Shinichi by his name and not like a `dad` or so...mwah~ im lost

    2. From my limited knowledge, she's calling him Shinichi-san to tease him (because he gets her and Haruka mixed up?), but at the very end she is calling him dad.

    3. It's another cat. At first I really thought it was Sakura and was like "WTH", but it's another one named "Lala". :) And, yeah. She calls him "Shinichi-san" to tease him, haha. I was laughing for about five minutes when they were in the yard and she asked him to join, then Satomi and Sugita teased him calling him "Shinichi-san". She's just so cute. >///<

  6. Even though the ending is very rush, for me i think it was okay. I don't know if it's always the case but mangaka's are given a date on when to finish their work so that's why they rush with the ending and forgot the details. Anyway this is my opinion...

  7. Unlike everyone else, I belive this chapter should have been the last one, but not 42 , maybe 50 or 60 something. because it really feels like the end, but there's aso this huge jump from 41 to here; there should have been more chapters before this one..

  8. So that's how it ended...well, what a rush. Let's cross fingers for a sequel from the upcoming Audio Drama.

    1. Hey Icarus Bride, what the does strip on the last page say?

      "Please look forward to the authors next work?" or something else?


    2. "Thank you for your long support in reading this work since its beginnings. Chika's will be appearing with a brand new oneshot in the September issue"

  9. Waw! JUST WAW......

    I AM REALLY SHOCKED.....a big dissapointed for me......I know that the author of this manga (chika-sensei) always put smutty scene on her works :O

    You know I always imagine the end closed with haruka and shinichi doing smutty scene..... #giggle

    KYAAAA MINI VERSION OF HARUKA BUT WITH CHEERFUL SIDE so cuteee aahh baby from Haruka+Shinichi

    Yeah...I think it's pretty rushed....I hope there's any sequel of this manga....because I can't any similar manga that my heart doki2 so much like this.....


    But don't worry....I will always stalk into your blog because this blog full of my fetish (ojiisan+age gap fetish)

    Can I ask to God to make this manga into anime.........? AND JUST WANT YOU TO you know this manga

    I know this isn't shojou...but I enjoy age gap so much

    There a rumor out there that it will be anime in this summer

  10. what?? that is the end??? what a delusioooonnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why???????????????? WTF!! I haven't got so disappointed since the end of Ranma!!! O.O

    1. ok.. from the images is a delusion... but maybe if I could understand what they are saying I would reconsider it... :(

  11. I can't believe that this was the final chapter. I'm still reading the chapter 36, and I was very excited to see how it will end. But.....
    Well, is like you said, could it be worse. At least they ended together. <3

  12. It's always the same.

    1. case: The Manga / Anime gets cancelled for a unknown reason which i think nobody would anyway even when they would give one.

    2. case: They rush the end like this one!

    3. case: The ending is crap itself

    4. case: everything is as best as it could be and everybody is satisfied (expect for the fact that the Animes / Manga ended just now)

    Here. It could have been case 4 but it clearly is case 2.

    Why are you doing this to me my japanese friends?

    To sum it up: There would have been so much more possible than this big cliff jump from Ch. 41 to Ch. 42.

    The ending itself is ok but i am clearly missing more between 41 and 42 (more drama, kissing etc...)..

    In the end, there is nothing that we can do now that it has already finished.

    Thank you for your work over the last 4? years Chika!

    Looking forward to a new projekt of you!!!!

    PS: Is it just me or is there a wrong DL link? :D

  13. ending already? it seems kinda rush and i thought there is a lot more in the story. But thank you for the raws, I always visit your blogs for some updates in other manga :)

  14. the download link is's about the Okoborehime Final Chapter


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