Sunday, June 29, 2014

[Joint with Decadence Scans] Nioi

I wanted to scanlate this oneshot for such a long time but never got around to it until the wonderful ladies over at Decadence Scans offered to take it on as a joint endeavor! 

This story is about a university student named Mikari who finds herself falling in love with the most unlikely of partners: Kaga-san, a 52 year old widower who lives in her apartment building. The scent of the incense sticks he burns in his deceased wife's honor clings to his body, drawing her in. 

Read Online: Link Here!
Download: Link Here!


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  2. I ABSOLUTELY loved it. I sooo love this oneshot, thank you so much! I myself am into much older men. My dad's 48 and he looks at least 10 years younger, and I'm drawn to similar men. Man, if you have more oneshots/stories like this, please, post them!

  3. thank you for this, i really love this kind of story i hope there is more :)


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