Tuesday, June 17, 2014

[RAW] Houkago Aurora

I recently picked up the most recent issue of "The Hana to Yume." The theme this time was "Love is Sudden." Unfortunately, this issue was complete sh*t. I didn't enjoy a single one of the stories. But I scanned this one, which wasn't especially original but wasn't horrible either, because it's an age gap. 

I've also gotten my hands on an age gap romance -themed smut manga collection. Once I'm done reading it, I'll scan that too! Look forward to it. 

Read Online: Link Here!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Ica. It looks like the usual student×teacher romance. The art is not my favourite but it feels sweet.
    Speaking of age gap, I've uploaded yesterday a batch of smutty raws at my LJ account (lethalene). There's a nice oneshot at the end of Love Letter, by Senkawa Natsumi. Maybe you've already read it. I'm not sure, I think I saw this oneshot in some magazine before. The links are public for a week. I'll delete them next sunday, so if something catch your interest, go grab it.


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