Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[RAW] Shokubutsu Zukan Volume 1

Volume 1 of Shokubutsu Zukan and Volume 2 of Oji Koi were both released on the same day as some kind of special "Tsutsumi Kakeru" promotional event. Since I'm a huge Tsutsumi Kakeru fan, I had to have both! But, although this volume was available at my nearest bookstore (a somewhat smaller bookstore inside of a shopping mall) Oji Koi Volume 2 was not, so I had to get it a few days later when I had time to visit a bigger store a bit further away. 

Shokubutsu Zukan is about an ordinary young office worker named Sayaka who finds a young man collapsed outside her apartment building on her way home from work one night. He won't tell her anything about himself except that his name is "Ikki" and he's been traveling around for a while now, working odd jobs here and there to pay his way. It seems he's been unable to find work for too long this time and run out of money and thereby food, and thus ended up 'broken down' outside her building. Sayaka kindly allows Ikki to spend the night at her place, and the next morning awakens to a beautiful home-cooked meal that Ikki prepared for her as a thank-you for her hospitality. Moved by how pleasant it is to share a home-cooked meal with someone, Sayaka (who is unconsciously very lonely from living alone) invites Ikki to stay with her a bit longer as a live-in cook and housekeeper if he doesn't have any immediate plans. Ikki accepts, and so begin their days of secret cohabitation! Ikki is a mysterious person who doesn't reveal anything about his past. However it soon becomes apparent that he has a special skill: Ikki is like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to plants and their uses in cooking! Every weekend Sayaka and Ikki go out for walks to search for edible plants. Ikki teaches Sayaka about the different plants growing in their neighborhood and how to harvest and cook them. The two of them gradually become closer, but there still remains the issue of Ikki's mysterious past?!

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