Friday, July 25, 2014

[RAW] Shuriken to Pleats - Chapter 1

I don't usually read Lala magazine, but I picked up this month's issue when I saw a familiar looking face on the cover... Hino Matsuri, author of Vampire Knight, has finally started working on a new series, "Shuriken to Pleats" ("Ninja Star and Pleats.") I probably won't be posting raws of this series every month because I don't like a single other series in Lala and it seems like a real waste of money to pay 5$ a month to read a single chapter of a single series... But I also haven't 100% decided against it, either. I will at least read the first few chapters in order to give the series a fair chance.

I've also included a link to a summary of this chapter. ***Please note that I did NOT write this summary!!!*** It is the work of a blogger named Kat who read summarized a Chinese scanlation of the chapter. As such, I can't guarantee the accuracy of the summary or take any credit for it. Please thank Kat directly by commenting on her blog if you read her summary.

If you would like to use these raws for scanlation, PLEASE contact me to ask for permission. I am always happy to let people use my RAWs for scanlations, but I will only give permission to ONE group per language. To ensure that I haven't already given permission to another group, you need to contact me directly by email (icarusbride [at] gmail [dot] com). Thank you for your cooperation! 

Read Online: Link Here!
Download: Link Here!
Summary (by Kat): Link Here!


  1. thank you : D i have waited so long for this manga : )

  2. You're welcome!! I've also been anxious to see what this author would come up with next :D

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