Saturday, August 2, 2014

[Announcement] Sugar Apple Fairy Tale - Final Volume!!!

As you can see, the cover art for the final volume of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale has finally been released! The title of the final volume is "The Silver Sugar Master and the Black Fairy King" and the book will be released August 30th in Japan. You can find all the information and pre-order your copy on Amazon Japan. I'm still only on volume 10, but I'll definitely be buying this book the day it's released!!! 


  1. The art is beautiful! They look beautiful together! This cover makes me smile so much, I can't stop smiling right now jaja Thanks!! =D

    1. RIGHT?! This cover art is soooo beautiful. I hope the ending is also beautiful <3

  2. the cover is so beautiful *_* hoping the end will be also like so.
    also a good thing about it ending is you won't have to translate an ongoing series that might have 20+ volumes.
    thank you for sharing!

  3. Why do I have the feeling Shall is/will be the Black Fairy King?! X"D~

  4. Chicory Junior I `m thinking the same :)


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