Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[RAW] Kimi no Koto nado Zettai ni - Chapter 1

Today's release is Chapter 1 of Tanaka Meca's newest series, "Kimi no Koto nado Zettai ni." I have somewhat complicated feelings for Tanaka Meca. I'm not crazy about her art style, and I really, really hate Tsundere charcters, which she tends to use a lot, but there's something indescribable and addictive about the stories she writes. I think I'm going to like this series a lot because the female lead is NOT a tsundere (thank god!)

Tachibana Leo is the heir to a successful clothing manufacturing empire. He studied abroad in America for 10 years and just returned to Japan in order to enter high school, and get revenge on his childhood "friend," Tsuwabuki Tenma, the heiress to another clothing manufacturing company. As children they were forced to play together in hopes that they'd get married in the future and unite their families' companies. However Tenma was an aggressive, domineering, spoiled brat with an intense (nearly psychotic) love for animals, and she often lead (forced) Leo into dangerous and humiliating situations. Due to his trauma from being called Tenma's "manservant" by the other kids when they were young, Leo spent the 10 years he was in America plotting revenge for his childhood humiliation. Now that he's back in Japan, Leo is ready to put his plan into action: he's going to make Tenma fall head-over-heals in love with him and then dump her like garbage! However things aren't quite as Leo expected... The Tsuwabuki family lost their fortune when their company went bankrupt, and Tenma is no longer the spoiled little girl she once was: having to fend for herself has made her into a stronger, more practical and more humble person than she used to be. Furthermore, all of Leo's attempts at seduction seem to roll right off of Tenma?! In fact, Leo is the one who finds himself strangely attracted to the object of his revenge plan... "No one else is allowed to bully you... I reserve that pleasure for myself!"

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  1. tanaka meca is actually a male mangaka

    1. Are you sure?? I know many female mangaka use male pen names, so I just assumed Tanaka Meca is the same.

  2. I did a search to make sure and from the jpn wikipedia the author is listed as female but I read of his/her manga and there are several omake interviews (in Pear Pink I think) in which the author refers to himself/herself as male so I'm kinda confused

  3. I also heard that Tanaka Meca is a male, but who knows?:) it might be that this author just wants to create mystery around himself/herself.
    And thank you for sharing. This story seems interesting:)


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