Monday, August 11, 2014

[RAW] Kurotsuta Yashiki no Himegoto

Ohmi Tomu is another one of my absolute favorite manga authors. Her art is amazingly beautiful, her stories contain just the right amount of smut and romance, and best of all they all contain some kind of paranormal theme. This is her latest work, "The Secret of Black Ivy Manor." It reminds me of the story "the Beauty and the Beast," but if that's what it's supposed to be it's a very lose retelling.

In a deep forest at the outskirts of town stands Black Ivy Manor, home to Kariki Yukihiko, a mysterious young man who has lived alone ever since he was a child, raised only by servants his wealthy parents hired to attend to him. When she was young Chizuru lived at Black Ivy Manor with her mother, who was the housekeeper. Although the townspeople feared Yukihiko, Chizuru saw kindness under his morose exterior and came to idolize him. Likewise, Yukihiko treasured Chizuru for her innocence and kindness toward him, when everyone else including his own parents were too afraid to come near him. However Chizuru's mother passed away when she was in middle school, and she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle. After graduating from University, Chizuru returns to Black Ivy Manor, and Yukihiko, as the new housekeeper. The two quickly rekindle their relationship and soon begin to uncover new feelings for each other, however there is a darkness inside of Yukihiko that Chizuru never noticed before. He is hiding many secrets... When Chizuru discovers them, will she accept Yukihiko or flee from him? And if she does chose to flee... will he let her get away?

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