Thursday, August 14, 2014

[RAW] Kurotsuta Yashiki no Himegoto - Chapter 8

I decided to give Petit magazine another try because I really enjoyed Ohmi Tomu's current series and wanted to read the most recent chapter. I used to buy this magazine every month when I lived in Japan before, but after moving back to the US I bought it a few times and I didn't like any of the series that were being published in it back then, so I haven't bought it since coming to Japan. I'm glad I did decide to give Petit another try, because I really like two of the series currently being published, and I somewhat like most of the rest! 

I previously posted Volume 1 of Kurotsuta Yashiki no Himegoto here. Volume 1 includes chapters 1 through 5. I don't have access to chapters 6 and 7, but you can rad them on Raffmanga's website, here. Please make sure to thank her for her hard work scanning the RAWs for us!

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