Sunday, August 24, 2014

[RAW] Kuuchuu Toshi Rewingardo

It's another one-shot by Yajima Toki! I've told you guys many times that I'm kinda obsessed with this manga-ka. I'm not crazy about the way she draws, but the stories she tells are amazing. Every single one of her one-shots is so unique and packed full of potential for a loooong series, and yet they end in just one chapter. It's such a breath of fresh air compared to the endless number of Shoujo manga that have absolutely no plot or originality whatsoever and yet they drag on for 100's of chapters... 

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This short story is a social commentary set in the future, after a massive world war during which all the best scholars in the world gathered together in protest of the pointless fighting and built their own country in the form of a giant skyscraper 800+ stories tall. This tower is named "Rewingardo" and is the center of education  in the post-war world, and a symbol of hope for peace through enlightened cooperation between countries in the mutual pursuit of knowledge. In order to keep a promise to her deceased older brother, a girl named Tsuta from a poor country that was on the losing side at the end of the war passes the extremely difficult entrance exams necessary for admission the university at Rewingardo. Her peer mentor, Jin, is the son of the prime minister of one of the powerful, prosperous countries that were on the winning side at the end of the war. Both learn a lot from each other as Tsuta drags Jin along on her mission to fulfill the promise to her brother: to view the stars from the only place they are still visible in this broken post-war world; from the off-limits top floor of Rewingardo, above the polluted smog clouds.

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