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[RAW] SP X Baby - Chapter 1

Enjoji Maki, author of "Happy Mari" and "Dear Brother" started publishing a new series as of this month. The title of this series is "SP X Baby," with the "SP" standing for "Security Police." From the title I suspected that the male lead would be some kind of police officer, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's not actually clear WHAT is going on in this series yet from reading just the first chapter, but it does seem promising.

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Hasegawa Tamaki is high school graduate in her early twenties. Both her parents passed away, so she skipped going to University in order to work several part-time jobs to support herself and her younger brother. Although she's completely unqualified, she is trying her best to get a regular full-time job at a good company. On the way to a job interview one day, she sees a man being chased by another, suspicious-looking man and she steps in and attacks the pursuer in order to give the man running away time to flee. Unfortunately the pursuer is much more skilled at fighting than Tamaki, so she's not much of a hindrance to him. Luckily, the pursuer wasn't actually trying to attack the man running away, the two are employer and bodyguard, and the employer was trying to run away from his bodyguard to go have some fun. In the struggle with the bodyguard, Tamaki split her skirt up the back. She apologizes for misunderstanding the situation and butting in uninvited, and goes home in shame, unable to attend her job interview. 

There's a short scene to introduce Tamaki's brother, Daishi, and then another to introduce her long time crush, her neighbor "Natsu-oniichan." The next event of actual importance occurs the following day while Tamaki is on her way to her part-time job when she's kidnapped by the two men from the day before. They pull her into a car and drive off. Inside the car, the employer gives Tamaki a box containing a new, very expensive business suit (to replace the one that was destroyed the day before) and tells her to put it on because he's bringing her to a job interview. Tamaki is initially extremely interested in the job opportunity, until she finds out the interview is for a job as a bodyguard. She assumes that the employer (he still hasn't told her his name or anything else about himself except that he's 'in a position to offer her a job if she passes the interview') is actually a member of the yakuza, so she jumps out of the car and runs away.

Unfortunately, when she she leapt out of the car Tamaki forgot her cellphone inside. When she gets home from work there's a note taped to her door that if she wants her cellphone back she has to attend the job interview. The time and place are provided in the note. Tamaki decides to go to the appointed place at the appointed time to get her phone back, but she willfully refuses to wear the suit she was given, as a sign of protest. On the way to the "job interview" Tamaki sees an old woman about to be hit by a truck while crossing the road, and she reacts without thinking and jumps in to save the woman. Tamaki is knocked unconscious and when she awakens she's lying in a bed with the employer leaning over her. He tells her that she passed her interview: the old woman and the truck were all a set up that he arranged in order to test her. 

Tamaki tries to storm out but the employer stops her and insists that he wants her as his employee no matter what and asks her what he has to do to convince her. She gets emotional and tells him that no matter what she won't be his bodyguard because it seems that every time she tries to protect someone, they only end up getting hurt (so she thinks that she's bad luck). The employer seems to get really excited about this and enthusiastically dares her to just try and cast her 'bad luck' on him. He finally introduces himself as Sugou Kagetora and tells her that if she accepts his offer he can change her life. Before accepting, Tamaki asks Kagetora again what he does for a living (she still thinks he's a member of the yakuza). The bodyguard steps in and tells Kagetora he's opposed to him hiring a "moron who doesn't even know the name of the current prime minister." Kagetora protests that "That's my uncle not me. Anyways, she might come in handy." Tamaki surmises that Kagetora is some kind of politician, but it's not really clarified in this first chapter who exactly he is. 

In any case, Tamaki is infuriated by the bodyguard's dismissal of her as a useless noob, so she angrily accepts the job offer. Kagetora mention offhandedly that the bodyguard's name is Mike and then he holds out his hand as if to shake and seal the deal regarding Tamaki's acceptance of the job. However when she takes his hand, Kagetora pulls Tamaki towards him and kisses her, than says "You really don't remember, do you? It doesn't matter-- I missed you." Tamaki kicks Kagetora in the face and runs away crying that her first kiss (which she'd been saving for Natsu-oniichan) was stolen away by a suspicious character.

I'm looking forward to finding out who exactly Kagetora is, why on earth he wants a useless woman like Tamaki to be his bodyguard, and what past connection they have that she seems to have forgotten about.


  1. Thank you so much for posting raws of this chapter! I wanted to discover this series since it was announced on Petit Comic's website.

    1. You're welcome! It looks promising :D

  2. I'm really looking forward to this! Enjoji Maki is one of my all time favorites. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome! She is a really good author, right?!

  3. @Icarus Bride: At least, it's original. A girl being could be fun! But Sugou is a bit weird. ><

  4. Thanks Icarus for sharing !!~ I love Enjoji Maki, something about her series always catches me, so it's awesome that you included a detailed outline on what happened :) Truly appreciate it !!~


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