Friday, September 5, 2014

[RAW] Kurohakushaku wa Hoshi wo Mederu - Chapter 3

Here are the RAWs for the most recent chapter of Kurohakushaku wa Hoshi wo Mederu! I'm celebrating surviving my first week back at school by relaxing a lot, sleeping a TON and watching a Netflix marathon :D

Today at lunch my 2nd graders taught me about Jinmenken. Do you know it? It is a traditional Japanese mythological creature (monster) with the body of a dog and the face of a human! In return, I taught them about Bigfoot :D

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By the way, I'm still curious to hear some tips from anyone who knows the trick to making shitty magazine RAWs look crazy amazing HQ. Surprisingly, I've found that quite a few 'speedscan' groups have mastered this technique. In the past speedscan was all about *speed* and the quality was abysmal, but recently many scanlation groups have been turning out scanlations at lightning speed in amazing quality. I'm pretty sure it's dependent on using the right combination of filters in the right order, but I haven't been able to achieve it. I've asked a few people whose work I found impressive, but they all refused to tell me! I think that's pretty stingy... :(


  1. Hi~

    There are a lot of scanlations, so there's also this sentiment of competition between them, so is normal no one want to share the way they work.
    Every group have their own technique but I'll tell you the two most common ways to do it.

    1- To make the release look HQ is not something related to the way you scan the chapter, but the way your editors work.

    Most chinese and international groups what we do is add the most similar screentones we can find on top of the original pages, to make the tone looks uniform, we also need to re-draw little details that can be hardly seen.
    We usually use this on problematic magazines like Shonen Jump and LaLa for example.
    In this case, Manga studio, Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai are what you need (Manga studio for Screentones, Sai for color pages, and Photoshop for the rest).
    It may sounds complicated but with the practice it become something very simple and fast.


    2-Other way to make the scans looks good is with the use of filters like 'Topaz' for example, but you need to work with a decent quality magazine, like Bestuma, Aria and so on, because the filtres make your image a little blurry and the page may lost some details.


    Your scans are perfect the way they are right now, and are really easy to edit due the size, so you don't need to worry about it =)

    Also I asked something via mail on Sept 1st, could you please check your mail? I'm Nat, I asked for a permission 6 days ago ^^

  2. ^ Same as she does. I usually use Topaz Denoise when I use your magazine raws and I don't think it turns out too bad. However, something I keep forgetting to mention to you is to try using a black sheet of construction paper or some type of paper and put it behind the sheet you're scanning. I've noticed on some of things you scan (Like SP X Baby) the other side of the page bleeds through really badly. So bad that even after leveling you can see it in the grays. I think doing the black sheet of paper could really help with that. ;D

  3. Thank you very much! <3


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