Friday, September 19, 2014

[RAW] Love So Life - Chapter 95

Although the story was disappointing as always, this was actually a pretty good month for Love So Life. First of all, there are two smoking hot Matsunagas for the price of one in this chapter, which somehow makes me feel extremely guilty, as if I'm watching some kind of dirty movie. Second, as you can see Shiharu and Seiji are on the cover, which hasn't happened in a few years, if I remember correctly. And finally, there IS a chapter next issue! However it's going to be a short side-story, not a regular series chapter. They are drawing out the approach to the 100th chapter as long as they possibly can. Still, given recent trends, I'm glad there's a chapter at all!

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  1. When will we get any romance at all? *Sigh*
    Anyway, it's still a cute manga, I'll just wait patiently for it to end the way I want it to end :P

    Thanks as always Icarusbride-sama! :D

  2. hello icarusbride-sama :D
    thank you for always sharing LSL manga
    i wonder if the newest link not working?
    i found it error :A:

  3. Ica, you saved us once again *glomp*
    What a pretty cover page! *w* And in colour too!
    So if it doesn't take any more breaks, the 100th chapter should happen right before Christmas. You think we'll get a nice xmas present this year? XDD Would be great.
    Although I'm disappointed too for the dragging the romance part (and I really, really, REALLY hope Seiji and Shiharu will realize that people disappear forever just like a snap of fingers and will rethink Seiji's suggestion. Otherwise, the way the story goes right now makes me think Shiharu will agree to it.), the story plot is going forward and in the right direction and for me that's good enough. The story isn't ONLY about SeiHaru, has never been, there have always been problems and now they are getting resolved one by one. Just having Kouichi back is a HUGE step forward.

  4. Thank you very much! <3

  5. Thanks for the chapter Ica ^.^*

    I'm happy to see LSL on the cover <3

  6. Any idea when the next chapter will be released?

  7. The newest chapter is suppose to come out on Nov 20

    More than a month away T_T lol

  8. Does anyone know what aoi said to the grandma and matsunga when he thought about shiharu?


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