Friday, September 26, 2014

[RAW] Shuriken to Pleats - Chapter 3

Sorry for the long wait! I only got this chapter 3 days ago myself, but I know very well how 3 days can feel like an eternity! I've been absolutely swamped with work this week. Sports Day related activities are finally over and we're back to serious studying!

Finally in this chapter we get the name of the male lead: Wakashimatsu Mahito. To me it sounds like a very strange name. Mikage and Mahito come to the arrangement that she'll protect him and undertake the mission to obtain an antidote to the poison the ninjas hired by his enemy have poisoned him with (it seems that his 'illness' is due to a poison and that until he can get the antidote he will be stuck in this 'severely weakened but not dying' state?) in exchange for him providing for her school tuition and living expenses. Unfortunately, due to the constant pursuit of his enemies, the last safehouse remaining to Mahito is a tiny rundown apartment. Mikage and Mahito also agree that, aside from their names they will not reveal anything else about their true identities to eachother. Mikage insists on this because she feels she's indebted to help Mahito but she wouldn't be able to bring herself to fulfill that duty if Mahito had some kind of affiliation with one of Rod's many enemies. Mikage goes to school for the first time and makes her first 'friend,' then after school meets up with Mahito (who appears to be a student at another highschool) outside the school gates, where they are attacked once again by the rival ninjas. As the chapter ends the rival ninjas mention the 'seeds' that Rod had been developing before he died. It appears that Mahito is indeed connected to Rod in some way. 

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  1. thanks for the chapter raws and its cute both main names starts with M cute

    1. Awww thank you sephora!!
      I think it's cute too! M & M = <3

  2. This chapter is not as interesting as the previous chapters but some parts are still intriguing. I really what are those "seeds" they're looking for. It makes me think about "Jack and the Beanstalk" XD maybe it's a magic seed...

    1. LOL Jack and the Beanstalk never occurred to me! You have a good imagination :D


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