Monday, September 29, 2014

Shuriken to Pleats Bento

If you have ever found yourself wanting to (or ever in the future find yourself wanting to) make a Shuriken to Pleats ninja-themed bento, now you can by following the directions in this article which appeared in the most recent issue of Lala magazine. Sorry for the wonky scanning and editing; the page was too big for my scanner so I had to fold it in half and scan it that way, and of course my scanner warped the page and almost tore it in half <3 Still, the directions are perfectly legible. Click HERE for the full-sized file. 

In other news, I finally finished reading Volume 10 of SAFT today! Not including volume 12 (a collection of short stories) and the yet-to-be-published sequel volume (another collection of short stories) I have 5 volumes left until the end! 

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