Friday, October 3, 2014

[RAW] Soushoku Danshi VS Nikushoku Danshi

Hello all! How are you doing? I'm fine. Yesterday night after work some friends and I took a drive out to Lake Biwa and had a nighttime picnic on the beach! We basically just drank alcohol, ate strange-looking food from the convenience store, and chatted a lot. It was really nice! Next time we do it, I want to make a little bon-fire :D

Hana to Yume should be out today, so I'll take a trip down to the bookstore later on and see if I can't pick up a copy. This month there will be a special chapter (side story) of Love So Life!

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Download: Link Here!

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  1. Nighttime picnic sounds very fun:) It seems you had great time and I hope this picnic brought some release from your current work-related stress, at least a little. Thank you for making scans of this manga and sharing it with us!


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