Sunday, January 4, 2015

[RAW] Sugar Apple Fairytale - Volume 13 - Ginzatoushi to Kon no Saishou

Hey guys! I am leaving to head back to Japan in less than 24 hours. Please wish me luck that my overweight luggage doesn't cost me too much, and that I get back safely without and delays that would cost me to not make it in time for work the next day!

This is the last volume of SAFT I have for you for a little while. I'll keep my eyes open for volumes 14-16 in the 2nd hand stores, so please keep being patient. The final-final volume of SAFT should also be out in the next few months. It will be another collection of short stories like volume 12, including one story about Ann and Shall's wedding <3 I'm looking forward to it!

Read Online: Link Here!
Download: Link Here!


  1. Good luck! And best wishes for smooth start of new working year:) As always - thank you so much for sharing SAF books.

  2. Happy New Year! (a bit late xD) I wish you the best in this new year! Hope you've been on time for work :) (and congratulations for getting a boyfriend too!! :p)

    Ann and Shall's wedding!!! \o/ just reading that makes me smile!! :D

  3. Uhm, could I ask you if you'll be translating the Cinderella Hakushaku-ke novel? If not, I'm interested in translating it in my scan & novel translation group. So I'm asking you for permission to use your raws ahead of time. I'm not yet 100% decided if I'll be translating it, but I'm asking you just in case I would.

  4. Thank you. But. Это просто киздец, sorry : & & &
    Have you other pages?


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