Saturday, October 31, 2015

[Announcement] Re-Uploads and Some Minor Changes

As many of you know, about a year ago someone reported my mediafire account, resulting in all of my files being deleted and all of the download links on this blog becoming invalid. I spent a LOT of time re-uploading files and going back through all of my posts to update the links only to have some unknown person report my new account as well, and all of my hard work was deleted a second time in the blink of an eye. I was really discouraged and this is part of the reason I let this blog semi-die.   

A lot of people have been leaving comments and sending me emails asking me to re-upload different things, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to spend all that time doing it again when there's a good likelihood that it'll all be deleted again at some point in the future and I know there's nothing I can do to prevent that. 

What takes the most time is not actually uploading the files (passive work) but copying and pasting the links from each file into the appropriate post here on the blog. So I've been thinking about just uploading everything onto a website like Dropbox or Google Drive, where I can just use their software to copy the entire directory from my computer and it uploads at its own pace in the background and I can continue to use my computer for other things as it slowly uploads. This way, you guys would have access to my entire directory of RAWs with a single link and could search for what you want for yourselves. However, I have a very serious amount of manga on my hard drive, and I can't find a good and FREE service that will allow me to upload it all. 

For now, I think I'm going to try and upload the most requested/popular files on google drive (15 GB limit) until I can think of something better. Unfortunately the very very small amount of income I get from the ads on this site is not enough to fund any kind of paid file server. It doesn't even begin to cover the cost of buying manga volumes and magazines. 

If anyone has a suggestion for me for a good file serving site that can do what I want, please let me know! I have just one requirement: the site can't be TOO full of pop-up ads and lots of intentionally confusing links. A lot of free upload sites stay in business by embedding paid-for pop up ads in images that say stuff like "Click here to download your file!" when actually the real download link is hidden somewhere at the bottom of the page in tiny font. I hate these intentionally deceiving sites so much! I definitely don't want any of you guys accidentally downloading trojan horses or viruses or some other nonsense because I sent you to a page full of misleading pop-up ads. 

IN THE MEANTIME! Today I uploaded some of the files that were most requested and that I thought people couldn't easily get their hands on by coughing up a bit of money and buying it themselves, Drama CDs.

Drama CDs now have their own page on my blog, which you can access from the tabs bar at the top of the page, or by clicking HERE. All the Drama CD download links should work again, though some other manga linked in the individual posts is probably still broken. 

You may have noticed I've deleted "possible future projects" and "permissions" from the tabs bar as well. I have no intention of starting any new projects at this time. What little time I do have for scanlation activities I will be spending translating Sugar Apple Fairytale as a joint with Aqua Scans and scanning RAWs to upload on this blog. There are a lot of people all over the world who can read Japanese to varying degrees, but a lot fewer people with reasonably priced access to manga like I have living here in Japan, so I figure my efforts are best spent this way. Also, I'm lazy and scanning takes less time and can be done while watching TV, unlike translation and editing. As for permissions, I no longer have time or motivation to police who uses my RAWs where and how. Feel free to use my scans as you like as long as you are not making money from these copyrighted materials, as I really don't want to have anything to do with that. I'd appreciate if you could also link to my blog if you use my scans for scanlation and please be courteous (as in, don't use my scans to snipe projects from other groups, this is very childish and nasty.) 

If you read all of this, thanks for your time. As always, enjoy the re-uploads and stay tuned for new content!


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for all your work. Anyway, I just wanted to suggest A free account gives you up to 10 GB (though there is a 250 MB limit for file uploads). And if you want to upgrade to 100 GB, its $10/month, but I'm not sure if you'd want to pay for it. There's also a 'sync' which acts like Dropbox and Google Drive, dragging and dropping to upload from your desktop. You just need to download it onto your computer. ^-^

    1. Oh. and for $15 per month you could get unlimited space, with a max of 5 GB per file. But, again, I don't know how much you would want to spent for this. >-<

  2. Hi, I recently decided to use cloud storage and the best I could find was MEGA. It's way faster than Google Drive (I tested it) and they give you 50GB for free.

    I'm a bit sad that you won't be continuing Shinigamihime no Saikon - Baraen no Tokei Koushaku, but I'm really glad you're not giving up on the blog and that you will still be doing a novel. ^^

    Ganbatte! o/

    1. Thanks for letting me know about MEGA, I'll have to check it out!
      About Shinigamihime, I may actually be releasing a few more chapters! I have several chapters already translated (translated them over a year ago) and someone approached me recently about editing them together for me. She's a bit busy with University and real life stuff but I hope we can squeeze out at least a few more chapters. Unfortunately, the manga artist never finished the manga. The last release was over a year ago now and it wasn't the end yet; there's definitely at least 1 chapter left that has never been released.

  3. Hello Icarus,
    Thank you for your work.
    I'm from Last Heaven Fansub, I want to take your permission to use your scans of Hana to yume issue to edit some mangas in a latin spanish version , always keeping the credits of your scans in our credits page and a link to your web in our forum.
    I'll waiting your answer.
    Bye bye ♥


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