Friday, October 2, 2015

Watashi Dake no Akuma

Hello, all! How are you doing? I'm excited because I have 2 bits of good news!

1. Someone has approached me with an offer to clean and typeset the last 2 chapters of Oji Koi! I hope that everything works out and we're able to finish this series for you guys. 

2. On a personal note, my boyfriend is really angry with his landlord for taking forever to get someone in to fix the toilet when it broke and trying to say it (along with some other problems in the apartment that are all due to the building being old and the landlord not properly maintaining the property) is his fault and make him pay for the repairs. So we *might* be moving in together sooner than expected! I'll keep you guys updated. 

In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful fall weather (if it's even fall in your country right now) and this sweet and smutty love story!

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