Thursday, November 5, 2015

[RAW] Hana to Yume - 2015-11-05

It took a bit longer than I expected (because I got distracted watching American TV online-- all the good stuff comes out on Wednesday nights!) but here's the most recent issue of Hana to Yume for you guys!

I originally wanted to buy this magazine for the series on the bottom right corner of the cover, "Niehime to Yajuu no Ou." It's a fantasy story set in a country where all the members of the royal family and the aristocracy are animals who can also use magic, and humans are considered very common and pathetic. The main character Safi is a human girl who was specifically raised from birth with the purpose of becoming a living sacrifice to the King, the most powerful and ferocious beast of them all. However, the king is actually secretly part human and thus has two forms; his beast form and his mostly-human form. He pretends to be really terrifying in order to dissuade any challengers to his throne so that there won' be any unnecessary power struggles or civil wars in the country, but actually he's a kind-hearted person. Up until now, he intentionally 'accidentally' let all of the girls brought to him as sacrifices escape, but when he tried to let Safi run away, she had no family to return to and no place to go even if she left, so instead he chose to keep her by his side. The chapter in this issue of Hana to Yume was about the King's decision to make Safi his queen, and the other royals and aristocrats going batsh*t over the fact that their king is marrying a scrawny human with no claws or fur who can't even use magic.

It seems that this is actually the SECOND oneshot about this couple. If anyone has the RAWs for the first oneshot, please please please share! I'd really like to read it. There will be another chapter of this series in the next issue of Hana to Yume, so I'm really looking forward to it! There will also be an Ore-sama X Teacher Drama CD included with the next issue.

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  1. Hi, Icarus! I found another oneshot "Niehime to Yajuu no Ou" in (

    Well, you must sign-up first to read the chapter but, it worth! Happy reading >w<)/


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