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[RAW] Lala DX - Issue 1, 2016 (2015-12-10)

In less than 24 hours I'll be on the first of 3 planes to the US! I have very mixed feelings about my vacation this time. Of course I'm looking forward to seeing my family, eating everything in sight, and doing some shopping for stuff I can't get in Japan, but I'm really upset about being away from my fiance for 3 weeks! We've never been apart more than 5 days or so since the last time I went to America, when we'd just started dating, and that time it was only for 2 weeks. Still, I'm determined to have a good time! While I'm trapped inside a giant flying deathtrap for almost 24 straight hours (okay, some of this time will be spent trapped in the airport waiting through layovers) please enjoy this issue of Lala DX (aka Lala Deluxe).

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Here's my kind of disorganized summary of the Vampire Knight side story (reposted with some minor editing from my facebook). Please don't read any further if you don't want to be spoiled!

This sidestory is framed through a story that Kaname and Yuuki's daughter, Ai, tells Kaname after he awakens about a certain incident that occurred when she was a student in the night class, before her little half-brother Ren (Yuuki and Zero's son) was born. 

Yuuki was busy with her duties as the head of the Kuran family and Zero was likewise busy with his work with the vampire-hunters' association (which was getting restructured and absorbed into some new organization, perhaps a joint human-vampire peace-keeping organization of some kind? I don't think it says specifically, so this is just my personal guess) and although years had past since Kaname's death and even Yori-chan had already passed away, Yuuki and Zero still weren't together because she was still morning Kaname. 

Ai, who it's revealed (to us, not to Yuuki or Zero) has been secretly in love with Zero for a while but knows he's not and can never be hers, is fed up with the whole situation and confronts the two of them and announces that she's going to pout until they give her a cute little sister who she says she'll 'tame' and keep all to herself. 

After this, Ai is temporarily kidnapped by Ruka and Akatsuki, who say she's interfering with their plan to give Yuuki and Zero time alone to sort things out. Ruka says she was requested by Kaname before his death to make sure Zero would be there to care for Yuuki when he could not. Akatsuki gets pissed seeing Ruka all nostalgic over Kaname and he kidnaps her and tells her something silly and romantic like 'You're only allowed to think about me" after which they kiss passionately. 

Meanwhile, Yuuki and Zero talk (while he forces her to lay her head on his lap and rest because she "must be tired from working so hard"). They talk about random stuff and in the end Yuuki basically admits her desire for Zero by telling him that she also has recently come to understand the trait in her genes that both Kaname and Rido shared that led them to do unreasonable and even unforgivable things because of their 'warped desire' for the person they love (implying Yuuki's love for Zero and weakening ability to deny herself her desire for him). 

At this point the narration switches to 'present time' when Kaname has just awoken, and Ai says that Ren was born a few years after this incident. Kaname laughs at their names (Ren and Ai, put together makes 'renai' or 恋愛 which means 'true love.') 

It's implied but not specifically stated that Ren and Ai are, like Kaname and Yuuki, incestuously in love. This could just be me, but Ai's comments about how she wanted a younger sibling to be "hers and hers alone" how Zero never could be, and the fact that Ren looks exactly like Zero as well as what I can read from their body language suggests this to me. 

The final scene is very ambiguous to me and I'm really not sure how to read it. Ren asks Kaname if he "remembers something." Ai tries to tell Ren to STFU but he ignores her. Kaname has no idea what Ren is talking about, and Ren further prompts "Mother used to say that from time to time she would feel grandma Juri's blood burning inside her." Ai yells at Ren that their mother didn't want them to tell Kaname about "that." Kaname still insists he doesn't know what Ren's getting at and asks if this "mother" person (Yuuki) is now dead. Ren replies "She's still alive inside of you." At first I thought this scene was implying that Yuuki had directly put her own heart into Kaname's chest instead of giving him his back, but now I'm 99% sure I was WRONG. I believe that what Ren's referring to is that, like the scene between Juri and Rido at the beginning of this chapter, Yuuki would from time to time have flashes of her mother's memory at times when there was something she needed to learn from these memories, almost as if the part of Juri that lived inside of her (because Juri used her life to turn Yuuki human, it's being implied that a spark of Juri remains inside Yuuki) is reaching out to communicate with and guide her. Ren seems to be testing the waters to see how much, if any, of his mother is 'residing' inside Kaname. I can only guess why Yuuki wouldn't want Kaname to know anything about this, but my guess is that it's because of his obsessive love for her; she must have feared he'd waste the gift of the mortal life she'd given him by trying to connect with this 'spark' of her inside himself. There is no evidence of this in the chapter, it's just my own conjecture! 

The chapter ends with Kaname relating his final memory before throwing his heart into the furnace: the wish that he would awaken reunited with "that mesmerizing girl who he met on the battlefield" (these words are accompanied by a picture of Yuuki holding Artemis). There will be another Vampire Knight short story in the next Lala DX on Februrary 10th, containing some more stories that Renai tell Kaname about events during his long sleep, according to the advertisement for the next chapter.


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  2. weird question...but the illustration of the chibi vampire knight trio, was that in the mini illustration book?

  3. Hi Icaru's bride, sorry for bothering you. We are an italian scanlation group (The amethyst eyes forum)who wants to release the last extra chapter of Vampire Knight, and we are looking for a japanese to english translator. Someone on the web has already translated it, but it's a very confused translation...We really appreciate your work, so...would you be willing to help us? Do you want to partecipate in our project? Thank you so much.

  4. Whoa, thank you for the scan and summary. So there will be another short stories?

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