By: Okachimachi Hato

14-year-old Rumi was abandoned by her parents as a child because of her unsettling ability to read people's thoughts if she touches them. She was raised in a special facility for children with unusual abilities, and uses her special skills to assist the police with investigations. She's also in love with her handler, a veteran police detective named Jin (age 59), who is one of the only people who knows of her abilities and will let her touch them. Where can this forbidden love with a 45 year age gap possibly go?! A touching story of human connections.

Download [RAW]: Link Here!

Silver Diamond 
By: Sugiura Shiho

Volume 14 [RAW]: Link Here!

Volume 15 [RAW]: Link Here!
Volume 16 [RAW]: Link Here!
Volume 17 [RAW]: Link Here!
Volume 18 [RAW]: Link Here!
Volume 19 [RAW]: Link Here!
Volume 20 [RAW]: Link Here!
Volume 21 [RAW]: Link Here!
Volume 25 [RAW]: Link Here!
Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai
By: Nesumi Chisato

Chapter 3 [RAW]: Link Here!

Chapter 4 [RAW]: Link Here!
Chapter 5 [RAW]: Link Here!
Chapter 6 [RAW]: Link Here!
Chapter 7 [RAW]: Link Here!
Chapter 8 [RAW]: Link Here!
Hana to Yume Extras

Issue #18, 2013: Link Here!

Issude #19, 2013: Link Here!
Issue #20, 2013: Link Here!

Bessatsu Furoku:
2009 Christmas Romantic Stories
Petite Comic Bessatsu Furoku - May, 2013
Betsucomi Bessatsu Furoku - Valentine Love (2012)
Ketsuekigata Betsu - Danshi Kouryakuhou 
Renai Revolution Bessatsu Furoku - June 2013
Cobalt Bessatsu Furoku - Henshuubu Koushiki Anthology

Oneshot + Short Series RAWs:
Android to Hikikomori
Sora no Yousei
Avalon no Himegimi
Shinigami Hakushaku wa Yuuustsu
Skeleton Sister
Kaizoku Dearest
Shinigami no Last Order

Ebook Japan Free Preview RAWs:
Toriko ~Shita wo Narasu Amai Mitsu~
Shitsurakujima ~Hachinin no Kemono to Ikenie Hanayome~
Kangoku Play Darling
Ijirare Shisshin Densha Plus +
Nure Mitsu S-Girl Issue #1
The Beauty and The Baron
The Bridegroom's Bargain
Kemono Danshi to Yuutousei Joshi
Hanayome Koukai Choukyou
Noumitsu Kiss Hug
Yokubou Poolside
Ai no Chigiri Erotic Mystery - Sherlock Holmes
Gokujou Honey

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